Volunteering arrangements during COVID-19

If I’m not needed full time at the moment, can I still come in and volunteer despite the Government’s direction to stay at home?
Be guided by your force on this. If your force is allowing SCs to continue to volunteer, then continue to do so outside of your work / study commitments as normal. Travel to these shifts would be considered acceptable under the Government guidelines.

I’m a student who has returned home, or I’m now living in a different force area. Can I volunteer as a Special in the force I am currently living in?
A temporary transfer would be at the discretion your originating force and the force you want to transfer to. SC powers are not restricted to a particular force or area, there is no need to re-attest in another force. Different rules however apply to BTP officers. Make contact with your originating force in the first instance for guidance.

My Operational Safety Training (OST/PST/Similar) is out of compliance, or soon to run out, can I still volunteer as an operational Special Constable?
This decision would rest with your local force.

Can I come in and volunteer as an SC if a member of my household is unwell or self-isolating, but I am fine?
No, you must stay at home and follow government guidance to self-isolate.

Do I need to tell my force if I am self-isolating or unwell?
Yes, DutySheet has a module to record this. However, no automatic message is sent to your DutySheet line manager using this system, so it is wise to let your SC line manager know directly.

Does the new Coronavirus legislation ‘emergency volunteer leave’ apply to special constables?
No. The Coronavirus Act 2020 applies to volunteers in health and social care.