Leadership during COVID-19

I’m a Specials Chief Officer, do I need to call all available Specials in?
Check with your regular force leads and maintain regular contact to discern this. Your force Gold group needs to make this decision based on operational demand and staffing levels. They will also help you decide how best to deploy your Specials, making sure they are adding value where assistance is most needed.

I’m a Special Chief Inspector / Special Supt / Special Chief Officer, how can I best assist my force?
• Stay in regular contact with your force lead / Gold and be guided by them.
• Keep force leads / Gold updated as to your numbers of operational SCs and report any sickness or SC’s in isolation.
• Keep in regular contact with your Specials Senior Management Team, make sure they are keeping in contact with SCs.
• Be wise as to what you post on social media in accordance with force guidelines.

I’m a Special Sergeant / Inspector, how can I best protect and look after my

• If your Specials are coming in to volunteer, make sure they are aware of all your local force procedure and PPE guidance relating to Coronavirus.
• Make sure they are deployed effectively to make best use of their time.
• Check in with them regularly to make sure they are ok, address any concerns they may have and resolve them quickly.
• Make sure they are included in force well being and support local health and well being initiatives
• Be in regular contact with all your volunteers, providing regular updates to keep them up to date with changes.