We are holding our first Annual General Meeting as a fully-recognised charity on Saturday 19 October at Gloucestershire Police HQ. 

The AGM will take place from 10:00 – 12:30 and you can attend in person or via conference call.

Our membership has grown substantially this year, so it’s a great opportunity to meet Special Constables from other forces, hear about national developments affecting the Special Constabulary and contribute your expertise to our ongoing work.

Invitations have been issued to our membership mailing list, please click on the link in the email to register your attendance in person or via conference call.

Full Members are eligible to vote in our elections to the National Representative Committee and the nominees are listed below.

Candidates for Election

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Candidates for Chair and Trustee

  • Ian Miller – City of London Police
  • David Pedrick-Friend – Gloucestershire Police


  • Hitesh Mehta – West Midlands Police
  • Matthew McInally – Metropolitan Police Service

Communications Lead

  • John Hannan – Dorset Police
  • Alex Milsom – Metropolitan Police Service

Diversity and Inclusion Lead

  • Laura Bell – Metropolitan Police Service
  • Walid Elmi – Metropolitan Police Service
  • Mark Grice – Devon & Cornwall Police
  • Benjamin Rogers – Metropolitan Police Service

Regional Leads

C – South West Region

  • Ashley Frayling – Devon & Cornwall Policewithdrawn
  • Jordan Walbridge – Dorset Police – elected automatically

Unopposed Candidates – elected automatically

Deputy Chair and Trustee

  • Marc Kastner – Devon & Cornwall Police

Treasurer and Trustee

  • Chris Fisher-Wight – City of London Police

Membership Lead

  • Marc Kastner – Devon & Cornwall Police

Regional Leads

A – North East and West

  • Michael Mulqueen – Cheshire Police

B – East and West Midlands

  • Steven Davies – Warwickshire Police

E – London and BTP

  • Chris Fisher-Wight – City of London Police

Vacant Posts – no candidates for election

D – South East and Eastern